Friday, 12 March 2010

Ambassadors Airplay

Also enjoying some airplay are The Ambassadors of Sorrow, featuring the songwriting and vocal talents of my good friend, Angeline Morrison (above). Mark Lamarr has already played a couple of tracks from the album, Easterly on his Radio 2 show, God's Jukebox, one of which is still available to listen to on the BBC iPlayer (the penultimate track). Also currently on the iPlayer is another AoS track played on Tom Robinson's Indroducing show on BBC6 music (about 1hr 5 mins in). The second BBC6 airing to date. Not bad for a fully independent effort, funded and recorded by Angeline herself. And typical really, as I'm no longer with the band; though I'm sure I'll be back with my tail between my legs if she carries on like this. Those recording sessions were done on nothing but good will and free buckets of KFC you know.

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